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AirCommercial enables commercial Real Estate Agents & Developers to facilitate short-term leases with tenants.


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AirCommercial is re-inventing commercial leasing.

Creating win-win-win scenarios.

AirCommercial specialises in short-term commercial leases. We connect business owners needing flexible lease terms with Real Estate Agents and Developers looking to fill their spaces efficiently.

Our approach caters to today’s market, providing quick and adaptable leasing solutions for agents, landlords, and businesses. With AirCommercial, you get a direct path to leasing opportunities that align with modern needs, ensuring a smooth and effective real estate experience for all parties involved.


Benefits of AirCommercial

Let's make it short (lease) and sweet

We offer lease terms from 3 to 12 months to accommodate the varying needs of modern businesses, aligning with fluctuating market conditions.

AirCommercial provides streamlined, standardised lease agreements, making the leasing process quicker and reducing the time properties sit empty.

Business Owners and Real Estate Agents can both benefit from the low risk of short-term commercial leases.


Turn a weakness into a strength with AirCommercial

We’ve already established partnerships with numerous real estate agencies and currently have a selection of properties available. What’s holding you back from joining us?

How to get started with AirCommercial

Begin your journey with AirCommercial. We're here to connect you with the perfect space that aligns with your business vision and requirements.

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Review and agree on the terms to ensure mutual understanding.
3. List your Properties
Choose and list your properties with AirCommercial.
4. Drive Revenue
Capitalise on AirCommercial's marketing to rapidly fill vacancies.

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At AirCommercial, we’re here to help you unlock the full potential of your commercial real estate. Whether you’re a business owner seeking the perfect space, a real estate agent looking for rapid and reliable leasing solutions, or a property owner aiming to maximise your assets, our team is ready to assist you.

Discover our flexible leasing options: Explore our 3, 6, 9, and 12-month leases.

Maximise your listings: Short-term leases, long-term benefits.

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Your Questions, Answered

Navigating commercial leasing with AirCommercial

AirCommercial specialises in facilitating short-term leases ranging from 3 to 12 months, tailored to cater to businesses looking for flexibility and agents seeking quicker turnovers.

In AirCommercial leases, fit-out responsibilities and costs can vary based on the specific agreement between the tenant and the landlord. Generally, the expectation is for the fit-out process to be simple and cost-effective, aligning with the tenant’s needs without little to no financial incentives.

Yes, AirCommercial offers security bonds for landlords. These bonds are financed through our partnership with Levante Capital under the name “AirCommercial Finance,” offering added peace of mind.

Our ‘first right of refusal’ clause provides clear benefits to both landlords/agents and tenants, emphasising flexibility and stability. Landlords and agents can take long-term lease offers without losing the steady income from short-term leases. If a long-term deal comes through, you just inform the short-term tenant, ensuring you can manage immediate and future leasing efficiently.

For tenants, this clause means they can enjoy prime locations temporarily, with an option to extend their lease if they choose to match a long-term offer. If they decide against it and the space goes to a long-term tenant, AirCommercial supports the tenant in finding another excellent location, at no extra cost, making sure the transition is smooth for everyone.

To list a property on AirCommercial, there is no cost. Listing your property is completely free, allowing you to showcase your space to a wide audience without any upfront fees.

There are no hidden fees when leasing with AirCommercial. We cover all marketing costs Upon the initiation of a lease, you pay us a referral fee based on a % of the leasing fee you receive. We also have a small success fee which is paid by the tenant directly to us.